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We offer competitive price plans and would be happy to provide you with a PDF file which includes our entire price list along with any other information which you require or desire.


We specialize in website programming, meaning that what we do is mainly what goes on behind the scenes. We utilize technologies such as PHP and MySQL to make your site truly dynamic and build customized backends - making it so you can update your site as needed without needing to learn how to code.


Legal Notice:All documents created by ideaRoot Media remain the sole property of the author, with full copyrights retained unless otherwise clearly stated in writing. This includes all proposals or consultations submitted, both produced under contract or unsolicited. It also extends to all original art works, either those previously executed, or existing merely as on paper 'designs'. Those documents specifically described under individual contracts may allow for some limited use provisions, but only as far as is detailed in those individual contracts. No conversion of any of these documents may be made through electronic media of any kind, or distribution to any third party, without specific written permission of the author first being granted.